Epidaurus and The Mycenaean Civilization

    (Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Argos, Tiryns, Nafplion, Epidaurus)

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    Our first stop is the Corinth Canal, which connects Saronic to the Corinthian Gulf. It was Periander;s idea of acanal in 602 BC. Nero tried the same thing in 66 BC and later Julius Caesar and Caligula later. Herod Atticus continued too. Eventually the project began in 1880 and ended in 1893. Its length is 6346 meters and its width 24.6 meters. Every year 12,000 ships cross through the canal.

    Corinth has been populated since 6,500 BC and it was the wealthiest city of the ancient world. We are going to visit the archaeological sites of the city, the Archaeological Museum and its Acropolis.

    Our next stop is Mycenae, one of the strongest cities of ancient times which became the kingdom of the Agamemnon. It’s been opulated since the 7th century BC. The founder of the city is Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. There we will admire the Treasure of Atreus (the most impressive one of the nine tombs that were found in Grave Circle A, known as the Tomb of Agamemnon), the Grave Circle B (contains 26 tombs), the Lion Gate, the Cyclopean Walls (built by the Cyclopes the 13th-14th century BC) and the Subterranean Cistern (the only one in the whole world).

    We will continue our journey heading to Argos, one of the oldest cities of Greece. The first king was Inachos, son of Oceanus and Tethys, who founded Argos after the deluge of Deucalion. Perseus and Hercules come from the city of Argos. Perseus married Andromeda, the daughter of the king of Ethiopia and had a son, Perses, from whom Persia and Persians took their name.

    Leaving Argos we will pass from the Cyclopean Walls of Tiryns, one of the citadels of the Mycenaean civilization.

    Our next stop is the city of Nafplio. We will discover the magnificent old town of Nafplion, with its preservablearchitectural character and its two castles, Acronaupliaand Palamidi, where the aura of the first capital of the Greek state is diffused. We are going to admire the city from above by climbing the 999 steps that leads to the imposing Palamidi which is located on a huge gray rock overlooking the sea (we could also drive up). Then we could stop for lunch at one of the restaurants with the superb view across Mpourtzi, the small desert island with the homonymous Venetian fortress.

    Taking our way back we will pass from the historical city of Epidaurus, where according to mythology, Asclepios, son of Apollo and god of medicine, was born. His symbol was the sacred serpent .In the town there was the sanctuary of Asclepios, one of the greatest of the ancient times, which had hostels, gymnasiums, stadiums and the famous for its acoustics theater. The theater was built in 340 BC by Polykleitos and had a capacity of 13,000 seats. Every summer wonderful performances are presented there.

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