In the glorious area of Marathon

    Your personal driver will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship at the arranged time.

    Our tour will take us to Marathon, an area with a glorious past. In 490 BC there was a battle between the Athenians and the Persians. The Athenians following orders of their General Miltiades managed to win the Persians. The legend says that god Pan helped the Athenians by spreading panic to the Persians .In the battlefield 6,400 Persians and only 192 Athenians lost their lives.

    “Soros”, the large tomb of soil covered the 192 Athenians who fell victoriously into the battle. Burning and burying the dead on the battlefield was the honorable offer of the city of Athens to fighters for its freedom. We will have a tour in the battlefield, visit the Tomb of Marathon and we will continue our visit to the Archaeological Museum of Marathon.

    Then we will head to the artificial lake of Marathon which was created in 1931 in order to collect water for the needs of Athens. We will cross the dam of the lake, the only one which is coated with Pentelic marble and we could stop there for coffee.

    Near Marathon it is located the ancient city of Ramnundas. In the ancient city of Ramnusthere is the sanctuary of goddess Nemesis (the goddess of justice), which was the most important sanctuary of goddess in ancient Greece. Figuratively speaking “Nemesis” means the “Divine Retribution”.

    The legend says that Zeus was transformed into a swan to conquer Nemesis, which had been transformed into a goose. Nemesis laid an egg and gave birth to Helen of Troy and Dioskoyroi.

    Our tour in the glorious area of Marathon came to its end and your personal driver will take you back to your hotel or cruise ship.

    Terms and conditions

    1. The price includes 1 to 4 persons. Prices are fixed and all taxes are included.
    2. The price does not include the cost of entry to museums or archaeological sites, food or drinks.
    3. Drivers cannot enter sites with you, as they are not official tourist guides.
    4. We are in collaboration, with official tourist guides and we can book one, if you need.
    5. At anytime we can stop, in order to take pictures, have a drink or food, shop or anything else that you need.
    6. The order of visits on the tour may change due to circumstances.
    7. Tours outside of Athens begin between 08:30 to 09:00 in the morning.
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